Today’s top hits I’m loving this month!

The Vernal Equinox is just 7 days away… Spring weather = roll the car windows down and turn up the volume! Of course, my top hits playlist has got to start off with the rapper from my hometown, Philadelphia- Meek Mill. This album so fire, it was hard to choose one track, but Meek Mill unleashes a lyrical assault in “Uptown Vibes”, so of course, it’s gotta lead off! The hits keep coming as Logic addresses his haters in “Keanu Reeves”, and Post Malone cements his status in the industry with “Wow.”  Rounding out the male rappers, is my man J.Cole who spits some fiery lyrics and ups his rap game dominance in “Middle Child”.

Katy Perry emerges with “365” a delightfully breezy pop track produced by Zedd. And c’mon, there isn’t one girl I know who isn’t singing along with Ariana Grande nowadays.  “7 Rings” is the anthem for girl bosses everywhere. The onslaught of girl power continues with Maren Morris, who after winning a grammy for her first solo album 3 years ago, continues to dominate as a vocal powerhouse in “GIRL.”  The emotionally charged “What a Time” with Julia Michaels and the brazen “Women Like Me” by Little Mix, round out our tracks of female empowerment.

Wrapping up this Top Hits Playlist is Sigala with “Just Got Paid”.  This track is exactly the turn up you need to head out for the evening.  But just as all good things must come to an end, “Wake Up in the Sky”, winds us down and sends us into our dreams.

Track List

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