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Stephanie Nicole Carter, MS, RDN

Wellness and lifestyle business owner, spokesperson,
and founder of Carter Hall Lifestyle

As a registered dietitian nutritionist and fitness professional, Stephanie would love to partner with your company or brand to help grow brand awareness, while delivering key evidenced-based nutrition information. As a dynamic communicator and collaborator, Stephanie can work with PR, marketing and communications teams to develop consumer-specific messages through writing, speaking, media and social media.

Stephanie founded Carter Hall Lifestyle to redefine what it means to Live Nourished. We believe that wellness requires that we look beyond only employing healthy eating practices and engagement in routine physical fitness and go deeper into exploring self-reflection and mindfulness as it pertains to our daily lives.

We enjoy partnering with brands that align with our brand philosophy of lifestyle balance:

  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with food by letting go of the diet mentality, listening to our internal hunger/fullness cues and nourishing our bodies with plant-based foods and nutrient dense meals using simple ingredients.
  • Committing to daily physical activity, not to change our bodies or as punishment for what we eat, but to improve our health and longevity, release stress and seek joy in movement.
  • Prioritizing self-care to improve our mental health and sleep to maintain our metabolic flexibility and longevity.

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Product Reviews & Promotion
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Media Spokesperson (Satellite, Radio, + Podcast Media Tours)

  • Evidenced based insights addressing current health trends
  • Tips + Strategies for healthy lifestyle changes

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Speaking engagements can address trends in nutrition, fitness, and wellness/lifestyle

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Content created can examine current research and trends.

  • Evidenced-based digital and magazine articles
  • Sponsored blog posts with professionally branded and non-branded photography
  • Nutrition and health-related content for company websites

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