Nutrition Counseling + Wellness Coaching

Looking for a more personalized approach in achieving positive lifestyle balance? Carter Hall Lifestyle can provide you accountability and support in your effort to maintain long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Regain control of your health and wellness by developing the skills you need to make a lifelong impact. Let’s work together to build a solid foundation of healthy eating practices, daily physical activity and consistent self-care so that you may truly live your best life!


General Balanced Eating Guidance
Metabolism + Weight Management
Disordered Eating
Gut Health + Digestive Issues
Autoimmune + Inflammatory Conditions
Hormonal Health

Heart Health + Cardiovascular Disease
Pre-diabetes + Diabetes
Performance Nutrition
Food Allergies + Sensitivities
Mental Well-being
Lifestyle Coaching

Wellness Coaching Discovery Call

Think of this as your “right fit” call. This session serves as an opportunity for you to ask any questions about our services and gain answers on how we will work together to meet your lifestyle goals. Get $45 off your compressive wellness coaching session when you book within 30 days of
your discovery call.

Nutrition Counseling + Wellness Coaching

Comprehensive Wellness Coaching + Action Planning

During this session we will discuss your complete medical history and current lifestyle behaviors (nutrition, fitness and wellness). Your action plan will be highly individualized based on your state of health.
Action Plan includes:
  • 20+ pages of lifestyle recommendations and education to optimize nutrition, metabolic and GI health; increase physical activity; improve sleep; manage stress;
    + more!
  • Meal planning guidance + one week personalized meal plan complete with nutrient breakdown, full color photos, recipes, allergy swaps and shopping guide.
  • Specialty testing recommendations to better understand your health from the inside out.

Nutrition Counseling Session

60 Minute Session

In this assessment, we will discuss your nutrition-related medical history and provide appropriate counseling and education. This is an ideal session for those who are looking to address specific dietary preferences or medical conditions.

Session includes:
  • Nutrition counseling and preventative behavioral counseling – a supportive process to set priorities, establish goals, and create
    personalized nutrition recommendations.
  • Nutrition education – reinforcement of basic or essential nutrition-related knowledge.

Follow Up Session

One 45-minute session

Follow-up sessions allow us to track your progress, helping you to build long-term healthy lifestyle habits. During this accountability session we will focus on addressing challenges and developing strategies to keep you on track with your action plan.
Session includes:
  • Evaluation of your progress in your action plan
  • Adjustment of goals based on progress in action plan
  • Development of new goals to further reinforce sustainable behavior change
*Do I Have Benefit Coverage for Nutrition Counseling?
Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and preventative behavioral nutrition counseling are examples of specific health care services that may be included as a benefit through your health insurance policy.
In-network with insurance plans in California
With more on the way!


Carter Hall Lifestyle provides exclusive, results-driven one on one personal training and small group training sessions with advanced athletic training methods. Our coaches utilize the latest evidenced-based exercise science fundamentals when programming to help you achieve your desired goals.


Metabolic conditioning
High intensity interval training (HIIT)
Low impact (HIIT)
Barre & pilates workouts
Restorative & recovery-focused fitness

An in depth physical assessment will be completed prior to the initial training session, in an effort to help us understand your current fitness level and desired goals.

Looking for lifestyle balance?

Comprehensive nutritional counseling, wellness coaching, and meal planning can be bundled in with personal training sessions to further support you in reaching your desired goals. Feel free to view our wellness coaching packages and a la carte offerings or contact us for more information and pricing.


Nourish + Balance Package (30 days)

Looking to build a solid foundation of healthy eating habits? Then this package is for you! We’ll work together to develop a comprehensive action plan following evidenced based nutritional principles to help jumpstart positive, long-term behavior changes. Guidance in meal planning and grocery shopping is included.

Package Includes:
One 120-minute initial consultation
Three 60-minute follow-up sessions (one session per week)
Full assessment of medical history + current eating behaviors
Goal setting + comprehensive action planning
Meal planning guidance + one week personalized meal plan
One 10-minute at-home banded Sweat + Sculpt workout
Unlimited text and email support between sessions

Reset + Restore Package (90 days)

This package is ideal for those looking for more accountability and support in their efforts to maintain long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Not only will we build a foundation of healthy eating practices, but we will also focus on physical activity and daily self-care. You’ll also receive an Align + Focus Wellness gift box of my favorite products to get you started on your journey!

Package Includes:
One 120 minute initial consultation
Six 60-minute follow-up sessions (one session every other week)
Full assessment of medical history + current eating behaviors
Goal setting + comprehensive action planning
Meal planning guidance + 21-day (3 week) personalized meal plan
Sweat + Sculpt fitness planning + three personalized 10-minute workouts
Align + Focus Wellness Gift Box
Unlimited text and email support between sessions


Concierge Nutrition (In-home)*

Looking for more personalized nutrition solutions from the comfort of your own home? Carter Hall Lifestyle provides concierge nutrition services to help you meet your wellness goals. Please contact us for pricing information.

Comprehensive nutrition counseling
Refrigerator + pantry makeovers
Personalized cooking lessons (individual or group)
Grocery store tours

Weekly Meal Plans

Let Carter Hall Lifestyle take the guesswork out of the meal planning and preparation. We offer
predominantly plant-based meal plans to cover every meal of the day – breakfast, lunch/dinner,
healthy snacks, and beverages. Work with our wellness coaches to customize your meal plan
according to your needs. Please contact us for pricing information. 

Complete shopping list
Food allergy/sensitivity swaps
Nutritional info for each recipe
Full color recipe photos
Downloadable PDF

Performance Nutrition Solutions

Carter Hall Lifestyle provides personalized performance nutrition solutions for anyone looking to improve their endurance, strength and overall athletic performance in their given sport.

The primary aim of performance nutrition is achieving peak performance by focusing on the specific amount, the composition and the timing of food consumption in relation to an exercise session or competition. Personalized strategies are programmed for each athlete and are developed using a detailed knowledge of: evidenced-based exercise science, nutritional science and metabolic health.

Services are perfect for:

Elite Athletes
Long-distance Runners

Please contact us for pricing information.
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