Follow my year-long method focused on building a foundation of healthy lifestyle behaviors and finally get the results you’ve always wanted!
Follow my year-long method focused on building a foundation of healthy lifestyle behaviors and finally get the results you’ve always wanted!
Do you feel like you are doing ‘all the things’ but seem more disconnected than ever, out of alignment and fearful that you will never reach your wellness goals?
Maybe you have the expensive gym membership and the personal trainer and track every move with your Apple Watch or FitBit. Maybe you’ve even ordered pre-prepared meals to be delivered to your home weekly. Or maybe you enjoy cooking so you paid for an app that provides meal plans and recipes. And you’ve done all of these things with the sole purpose to change your body and okay, I’ll say it, finally lose the weight.

There just one problem:

None of those things has helped you reach your wellness goals.

At this point, some people become stuck and have trouble moving the needle forward toward their goals. For others, they are able to successfully reach that goal, but cannot sustain those behaviors. Either way many become frustrated with the lack of results as they desperately try to figure out what they can do that will work, once and for all.

If this is you, you’re not alone. Everyday I encounter people who feel this way; people who are desperate for answers as to why they are not reaching their goals and are looking for a framework that will finally work.

are you feeling like you are doing ‘all the things’ but…

  •  have trouble with weight management
  •  are tired and irritable all the time
  •  experience consistent gastrointestinal distress
  •  feel as though your metabolism is working against you
  •  are overwhelmed with trying to following the latest trends and expert advice
  •  realize you need dedicated expert support and direction to achieve your goals
Does any of this resonate with you? If so, I want to help you streamline ‘all the things’, give you a practical, holistic and functional way to live nourished and finally build a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Which Wellness Type Are You?

#1 The trend following dieter

Are you one of those people who follows every trend diet in hopes that you may finally reach your weight goal? One day you’re trying intermittent fasting and the next you’re trying Keto because you’ve seen other people are having massive success on that diet.

The trend following dieter has a difficult time achieving lifestyle balance because they are looking for the quick fix. Instead of honoring their internal hunger and fullness cues and intuitively consuming meals, they try to stick to a method of eating that is not sustainable in the long-term.

#2 The two a day exerciser

Or maybe you are one of those people who gets up early every day to be the first one to arrive for their 6am group fitness class, sweating it out before work. And for good measure, after work you get in another workout at-home in hopes of finally getting the body you want.

The two a day exerciser is typically putting in a lot of work, but is seeing minimal results. What this person doesn’t realize is that working out twice a day can mess with your hormones, derailing their success. Not only that, they are also forgetting the importance of recovery days in supporting hormonal balance. Well, not surprising, this person is also missing achieving lifestyle balance because they are so focused on only one aspect of wellness – fitness.

#3 The overstressed meditator

On the other hand you could be someone who takes time to meditate every morning. Namaste and all, right? Well, not quite. You leave your home and head out on your commute and start your work day only to be easily frustrated and inconvenienced by everything and everyone that crosses your path. From project deadlines and meetings at work, to school projects and activities for the children, to time with your significant other or friends, you are finding it difficult to find the energy to make it through the day without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated.

The overstressed meditator takes the time to implement self-care into their daily life, but fails to implement those practices into their daily life. Navigating daily life brings about stress and anxiety which the overstressed meditator finds difficult to manage. And even with habitual self-care practices they still miss achieving lifestyle balance because you haven’t been able to successfully find alignment in all areas of your life.

#4 The tech time waster

Ah yes… the problem of too many apps! Maybe you’re the type of person has an app for each wellness goal they have: an app that provides you with recipes and meal plans and helps you track your macros; a separate app that provides you with thousands of workouts and helps you track your physical activity; another app that leads you through guided meditation and other forms of self-care.

The tech time waster is convinced that having several apps is the key to finally managing their weight, eating well and reducing stress. The tech time waster is blocked from achieving lifestyle balance because their success is hinged on the data captured by these apps. When this person misses the goals set on these apps, they feel defeated and tend to give up.

okay, I know… take a deep breath

You’ve just realized a very important fact about yourself.

What can you do, you ask?
First of all, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. I am here to provide you with the framework and tools you’ll need to build a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

And hey… no one said this work is going to be easy. At times you may feel like you want to give up. But I want to impress upon you to let go of FEAR, let go of SELF-DOUBT, let go of JUDGEMENT and finally BELIEVE in your ability to succeed! You, my friend, are worthy of finding balance!

Meet Your Coach

stephanie nicole carter, ms, rdn

Wellness and lifestyle business owner, spokesperson, and founder of Carter Hall Lifestyle

I’m a board certified registered dietitian with a masters degree in nutritional science. I also am a fitness professional who creates dynamic and challenging programming for group fitness and personal training clients.

My approach to wellness coaching includes providing counseling and action planning focusing on functional nutrition, a cornerstone of functional medicine, exercise science and mental health. This personalized approach optimizes your health by looking at all aspects of your life, addressing factors such as nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, and relationships.

The reason I created this foundation program is because I myself have tried ‘all the things’ to achieve the body and life I wanted. My extreme dieting led to a profound years-long eating disorder that I paired with over exercising. To be honest, I was no more closer to reaching my goal then I was before beginning down the path. Not only that, I was constantly stressed out wondering why my happiness was tied to my body image.

It dawned on me that in order to reach my goals, I had to develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise to feel good and build longevity into my life, and manage my stress and anxiety. The balance of these things really shifted my mental energy and am able to this day manage my weight, without dieting or looking at scale daily.

I’ve been able to leverage my education and personal experiences to provide a practical foundation for my clients, that they have been able to successfully implement into their daily lives. I am passionate about supporting long term healthy lifestyle behaviors, helping my clients to live your best life ever! My philosophy is simple: #LiveNourished.

You too can finally let go of doing ‘all the things’ and find lifestyle balance. It’s easier than you think.

Think about what it would look like if you…

  • Discovered food freedom and had a healthy relationship with food
  • Had a flexible metabolism that supported your efforts
  • Worked out not to change your body, but rather to relieve stress and improve your health
  • Finally loved and accepted your body
  • Started the day from a place of GRATITUDE
  • Put self-care first because you deserve it
  • Felt confident in your talent to achieve your wellness goals
It’s time to nourish your mind, body and soul and live your best life!


An exclusive, year-long program that will provide you with a practical, holistic and functional way to finally build a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

The Collective membership focuses on three core elements:
  • Mindful eating habits & intermittent fasting
  • Daily physical activity & restorative exercise
  • Prioritized self-care & meditation

What makes this membership different is that you will be meeting with a registered dietitian monthly for wellness coaching. Our dietitians will provide you with accountability as you work towards your wellness goals. And you will not be alone on this journey! Our small group sessions will provide you with additional support as you navigate through your journey alongside other members of The Collective community.

About the Membership

Being metabolically inflexible can actually prevent you from reaching your wellness goals.
The Collective membership is designed to help you develop metabolic flexibility, which is your body’s ability to adapt to metabolic demands. Metabolic flexibility refers to how efficiently your body can switch between using carbohydrates or fats for fuel – or, more importantly – how efficiently it can use what is already available. It’s your body’s adaptive response toward efficiently maintaining energy balance by matching fuel availability and demand to:
  • Periodic fasting
  • Varying meal composition
  • Physical activity
  • Environmental fluctuations

Remember the goal of this program is to help you achieve lifestyle balance by providing you with a framework of daily functional nutrition, physical activity and self-care. All of these core foundational elements will help support metabolic flexibility, and help you meet your wellness goals.

The Collective features a set of Wellness Suites that bring all of this together. Here’s what you’ll get when you join The Collective.



Exclusive Member Articles

The articles will review the latest trends and research in nutrition, fitness and wellness.



Nourish + Balance | Nutrition Support

7-day Metabolic Meal Plan
Each meal plan includes: Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Snacks and Beverages

  • Recipes and batch cooking plans
  • Shopping list
  • Preference/ Allergy swaps

To help you prepare your own metabolic meals, you will be provided with meal planning charts that are both fillable and printable.



Sweat + Sculpt | Streaming Workout Videos

30 minute live and pre-recorded workouts released weekly

  • Programming includes: athletic sculpt, metabolic conditioning, barre, pilates, and core work




One-on-one Nutrition Counseling Session 

  • In depth review of your intake form to help you understand your entire nutrition-related medical history, current health concerns and eating behaviors.

Small Group Wellness Coaching – groups of 25 max

  • Groups meet once monthly with a wellness coach/registered dietitian for one hour. Think of this as your accountability group. Your group members will be along with you on this journey for the entire year.
  • All groups will be able to meet up, chat about progress and support one another in a private community Facebook group.

To help support your goals, there will be monthly, educational wellness webinars that you can take at your leisure. Topics covered will include:

  • Metabolism, Gastrointestinal Health, Allergies/Sensitivities, Supplement Use, and more!



The Commissary at Carter Hall

Learn how to stock your kitchen with these detailed lists featuring my recommendations of:

  • pantry staples + refrigerator must haves
  • cookware, bakeware, cutlery, kitchen tools and accessories

Links to all products will be provided for easy shopping.



Align + Focus | Self-Care & Meditation

Opt-in for daily text/email affirmations delivered via text or email to help you start your day in a place of gratitude and positivity.
Guided meditations will be released weekly for you to practice daily.

  • Meditations will focus on emotional balance, breathing, and relaxation. There will also
    be guided meditations that will help you manage your stress and anxiety.


The Collective Membership is perfect for you if you’re…


a frequent trend dieter who is looking to let go of the diet mentality and find food freedom


interested in balancing their workouts with metabolic conditioning and restorative exercise


looking for ways to reduce stress through meditation & mindfulness and prioritized self-care


a busy individual who is looking for wellness solutions that can fit into their hectic lifestyle

Your Investment in Your Health and Wellness

Finally Find Lifestyle Balance and Live Nourished


Billed Today
Per Month
Focusing on your health and wellness has never been more important. Now is the time to make a decision. Take a chance, let go of trying ‘all the things’ and find lifestyle balance with The Collective.

Want More Out of Your Membership?

Our Comprehensive Memberships provide additional support including:
– Monthly follow-up visits with a dietitian
– On-going reassessment of wellness action
– Advanced testing for underlying issues
– Unlimited messaging with our coaches

Questions About Joining? Let’s Chat!

Our membership advisors can answer all of your questions and explain how Carter Hall Lifestyle can help you find lifestyle balance and #LiveNourished.

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